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Adega Cooperativa de Ponte de Lima

The Ponte de Lima Winery was founded in 1959. With headquarters in the street Conde de Bertiandos in Ponte de Lima village - the oldest town in Portugal - the winery currently has a capacity of eleven million and a half litres. The Ponte de Lima cellar, and the institutional expression of about 2000 producers, their families and workers, is undoubtedly the most important structure - and, if you want - the largest company in Ponte de Lima county.

In 1998, the winery obtained quality certification by NP EN ISO 9001, issued by APCER - Portuguese Certification Association, becoming the first winery in the country to have this certification.

The Ponte de Lima cellar is part of the sub-region of Lima, one of the nine sub-regions that integrate the Demarcated Vinho Verde Region, northwest of Portugal. The natural characteristics of soil and climate and grape varieties produce very different wines, but with common characteristics - moderately alcoholic, fruity and fresh.

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