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Domaine Corton André

Pierre Andre was formed in 1923 when one man fell in love with a very special place: Chateau de Corton and the Corton Hill on which it proudly stands - "The Hill of Miracles". The high standards and skills perfected here have since born fruit in many other exceptional vineyards. 

Today Pierre Andre has become synonymous with an endless quest to produce the ultimate wine from each individual parcel and a symbol for the very best of Burgundy.

Chateau de Corton Andre looks out across the Corton Hill and is at the heart of Pierre Andre.

The Corton Hill vineyards produce truly rare and marvellous Burgundies which are at the very peak of the region's finest wines, it is also unique, in the fact that it produces both Grand Cru red (Corton) and Grand Cru white (Corton Charlemagne) wines.

These exceptional Grand Cru parcels of land are the very essence of Pierre Andre; Corton Chaumes, Corton Renardes, Corton Charlemagne and Corton Clos du Chateau (monopoly holding). It was in these vineyards that the Pierre Andre story began and here that they acquired their deep understanding of the secrets hidden in the soil. It is this know-how that they apply to all their appellations today.