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Domaine Jean-Paul Paquet

This Domaine is run by Jean Paul Paquet a very positive young grower. The Domaine de Fussiacus is divided between three Appellations Macon-Fuisse covering 2.5 hectares, Pouilly-Vinzelles covering 0.5 hectares and Pouilly-Fuisse covering 3.5 hectares. The vines which produce the Chardonnay grapes for these wine are a minimum of 12 years old for the Macon Fuisse and 50 years old for the Pouilly Fuisse. The grapes are picked manually parcel by parcel according to their ripeness. 50% of the Macon Fuisse is stored in cuves and then blended with oak matured wines.The Pouilly-Fuisse is matured in oak casks.The St Veran is typical of Paquet style having a rich buttery style with full Chardonnay fruit-style.